Upcycling + Serging = Love

I did it.  I finally sat down with my brand new serger and tried it on for size.  Oh, I am in love.  It is a dream to have this machine!  I’ve only tried out one stitch so far, but I was really impressed with how this baby handled my first project.

Lined upcycled jeans for my three-year-old:

(yes, the sucker was most definitely a bribe to get him to take pictures in these pants – and the pictures all seem a little blurry, because I couldn’t get him to actually stand still)

I’m not entirely thrilled with the pants – my son seems to have gotten taller and skinnier (I didn’t think it was possible for him to get skinnier!) since I last made him pants.  So they are a bit baggier than I would like.

They’re made from a pair of Goodwill-bound jeans, along with a thrifted flannel sheet for lining.  I re-used the back pockets of the old jeans, just made them a little smaller.  It has an elastic waistband (upcycled from the same material as the hat I made here), which I must admit, doesn’t look super cool, but is much more comfortable for an active three-year-old.

I made them a bit long, knowing that I could cuff them to show off the lining.  Gotta keep those little legs warm – it is fa-reeee-zing here!

Now I need to get into serious Christmas present-making mode…. did you know there are only 17 day until Christmas??  Yikes!

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