Kudzu Coveralls Dress

Last weekend, I went to my cousin’s baby shower and she’s having a GIRL! Since my world is all boy sewing, I was a little giddy with excitement at the idea of sewing a dress – the Kudzu Coveralls Dress from Sew Like My Mom!


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I picked up this butterfly corduroy at JoAnn’s in the remnant section awhile back. Since I don’t have a big need for girly fabrics, I like to scour the remnants and find smaller pieces that hide out in my stash for just these situations.


The sweet little gathers in corduroy! Is there anything cuter?


I lined the bodice with a vintage floral and used Kam Snaps. Just like the overalls, the dress version of the Kudzu is super easy to follow and comes together so quickly. And the itty bitty dress that comes out is freaking adorable.


I also made a little headband, using some fold over elastic and this super easy flower tutorial.


I can’t wait to see this little cousin wearing this sweet little dress! (wait, if she’s my cousin’s daughter, what does that make her to me… once removed? second cousin? I truly have no idea..)


This, my friends, is more pink than my sewing machine usually sees.

Happy sewing!


Upcycled Small Fry Skinny Jeans

If you haven’t heard of the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from Titchy Threads, I’m super excited to introduce you. Friends, I have found a new favorite pattern!

Upcycled Small Fry Skinny Jeans

Since this is a skinny jeans pattern, your fabric needs to have some stretch. As I was looking through my stash, I remembered a pair of stretch corduroys I used to wear that don’t fit anymore. They’re officially reborn as these fabulous pants!

I was so incredibly impressed with this pattern. It’s filled with details to give your pants a really professional look.

small fry details
Flat felled seams, inset pockets (or front patch pockets), back yoke and pockets, belt loops… and the pattern includes detailed photos and instructions to walk you through every step.

Since my fabric was brown and the orange topstitching didn’t stand out quite as much as I had hoped on the corduroy, I added a yellow button to make the pants a bit more fun. :)


Since I was upcycling, I used a lot of existing elements – I re-used the back pockets (just made them a bit smaller), the hem of the pants (you can see they’re a little worn), and the waistband and belt loops.


Even though these are a skinny jeans pattern, they’re super comfortable for little ones. I’m pretty sure my four-year-old would have slept in them.

But the absolute best part of the pattern for me…..

I finally conquered a zipper fly!!! I’ve been afraid to try this. I’ve chickened out so many times, but I knew I had to bite the bullet, to make these pants look really well done. Plus, I declared this year the year of risky sewing. If you’ve never sewn a zipper fly before, I’d encourage you to just try it. [Though the pattern also gives instructions for a half fly if you don’t want to use a zipper] I found it really helpful to look at more than one tutorial. The instructions in this pattern are perfectly clear and you would have no problem doing it with that alone, but I found it easier to see a couple of ways to do it and different wordings. Sometimes that’s what it takes for it to click in my brain. ;)

Win for me, win for him!

The Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern is discounted 20% off through March 20th with the code TOUR20 … and you can see lots of inspiration throughout the rest of the pattern tour, which is just beginning!


Disclosure: I was given this pattern in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own, and my opinion is that this pattern is super fab. ;)

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Counting Stars and adding a tuxedo stripe to pants

The lovely Melissa and Stacey, fellow boy mamas from Melly Sews and Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy are in the middle of their Sew in Tune series. It’s super fun – sewing that’s inspired by music!

Confession: I don’t listen to a lot of pop music. I get a lot of my modern day musical education from The Voice. Or random songs I hear on Pandora. Which is actually where I found this one: Counting Stars, by One Republic.

sew in tune collage
This song has a really catchy tune, and I find myself singing it throughout the day. Okay, and dancing in my kitchen with my boys. When I first heard this song, it made me think of my oldest, because he loves – I mean LOVES – anything that has to do with stars and planets.


One of my favorite lines of the song says “I’ve been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be.” And that’s one of the best things about my boy – he dreams big.

The pants are self-drafted, with this super soft neon green corduroy [I believe it’s Limeade 21 Wale from Robert Kaufman] and tuxedo stripes out of a fabric that looks just like a sky full of stars.

green pants

They have a slight flare to them and are flat front, with pockets in the back.

how to add a tuxedo stripe to pants

I added tuxedo stripes to the pants, which is really easy to do to any pants pattern.

1. Sew each pant leg together at the outer seam. Cut a long rectangular strip of fabric the length of your seam. How wide you cut the strip depends on the size of your pants and how wide you want the stripe to be. Remember to leave room for your seam allowance.


2. Fold over and press the long sides of the strip. I folded mine over about 3/8 in.


3. Pin the fabric along the seam and sew in place with a straight stitch on either side. So easy!

I used the Bond Top from Beatnik Kids for the shirt, modified without a collar and with an exposed zip. This is my third Bond Top now, and I really love this pattern.

I upcycled a black tee and used a fabric that reminded me of planets.

This was his “make my mouth the same shape as a planet” face. :)

An outfit perfect for dreaming about all your future could hold… like jumping on the moon.

Make sure you check out all the other amazing looks in the Sew in Tune series at Melly Sews and Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy!

Sew-in-Tune 250

Study Hall Jacket – Go To Patterns Tour!

When Andrea of Go To Patterns came out with the Study Hall Jacket pattern, I may or may not have squealed out loud. It is so.darn.cuuuuuute. And I bought it right away. Because after sewing up the Casual Lady [three times] and knowing how much I loved it, I knew I was getting a really, really good pattern. So when she asked me to join up with her pattern tour, it was the kick in the pants I needed to finally make it.

[Disclosure: I’m an affiliate of Go To Patterns. All opinions are, as always, my own.]

Study Hall Jacket  If Only They Would NapThis pattern has a bazillion options. You can girly it up with ruffles or keep it simple. Welt pockets, zipper pockets, hood… pretty much whatever you could want in a jacket.

DSC_0536I sort of mostly followed the pattern, but changed up a few details. I’ve never been a by-the-recipe kind of girl..


I used a light corduroy for the main part of the jacket, and sandwiched a layer of flannel between the corduroy and the lining… because we live in Wisconsin, people. It’s cold here. Nearly all the time. [pants tutorial found here]

DSC_0531Then I lined it with the most fantastic not-actually-fabric ever.

DSC_0527This baby is an upcycled bedsheet from Target. It was on clearance. It was calling my name, obviously.


The pockets were not in the pattern, but I wanted a print on the outside of the coat too. This was the other sheet set on clearance… it also called to me. I made the collar a little differently too. More like this jacket. The ribbing cuffs [which I made a little bit longer than the pattern called for] and waistband make this jacket so super comfy. Though there are options for these too if you don’t want to use knit fabric.


I was pretty amazed at how quickly this pattern came together. I maaaay have freaked out before I sewed it, thinking I wasn’t going to have it done in time [since my sewing time is pretty unpredictable], and then I did it in a few hours. Which included me cutting the wrong size hood and not realizing it until I was trying to attach it and then scrapping it and going with the collar… which I like even better. I love happy accidents like that!


And… what’s a photo shoot without a weird face, right? That means he likes it.

If you haven’t already, definitely check out all the other stops on the Go To Patterns tour over on Andrea’s blog. I have really loved seeing what everyone has been sewing. I’ve especially loved Stacey’s cowl neck Casual Lady and Justine’s comic Anywhere Dress. So cute.the-tour

And because Andrea’s so super awesome, she’s got a sale on her patterns this week —

Use code KCW10 to get 10% off your entire order

Use code KCW20 to get 20% off your order of $30 or more

Happy sewing, friends!

Purple and Pink – Calling All Kids

Today I’m bringing home a post that was a part of Alida Makes‘ Calling All Kids series. If you didn’t see it the first time around, be sure you pop over to check out all the posts – Alida challenged us all to rethink our kids’ wardrobes and not let gender define how they dress. It was a really cool series to be a part of!

When you ask my five-year-old what his favorite colors are, he will tell you “blue, red, purple, and pink.” I love that he doesn’t think that purple and pink are colors just for girls.

DSC_0886And since blue and red are pretty prevalent in his wardrobe already, I added a bit of purple and pink in a not-so-girly way.DSC_0914When I gave him the clothes, he said, “Did you make these because you know purple and pink are some of my favorite colors?!” Mom win right there, my friends.DSC_0932There are some little hedgehogs that peek out from the pocket of the purple cords, which is just a fun detail that I love.DSC_0920As the mom of a bunch of boy boys who love cars and trains and superheroes and being loud and getting dirty, we don’t have a lot of pink or purple in our house. But we also play with baby dolls and cook together… so who says boys can’t wear pink?DSC_0929A little blue steel…DSC_0908Kids are so much more confident when they wear what they love.DSC_0888

And while he’s already outgrown the shirt since I originally posted this [and the pants aren’t far behind!], the pants are still a particular favorite.

Do your kids wear anything that’s a little out of the box? I’d love to hear about it!

Surfer Slacks

As promised, I’m sharing with you another one of the patterns I had the privilege of testing for the Pattern Anthology collection. [If you missed yesterday’s post, read it here to see the Submarine Pullover!]DSC_1021See Kate Sew is another pattern designer that you’ve got to know if you have littles to sew for. She has such a great style. Her little girl patterns kill me with cuteness. And as a mama of two, she knows a thing or two about what kids like to wear. This pattern was, of course, no exception!
DSC_1019 The Surfer Slacks are a super easy sew. I don’t think you need a lot of sewing experience at all to sew these, especially with Kate’s great photo instructions that are very clear and easy to follow. There is one pattern piece for all the leg pieces and the pants have an elastic waistband, so they sew up really quickly.


The cuff detail at the bottom of the pants is my favorite part, and a fun way to highlight a fabric. Plus, you can pull the cuff down as they grow and extend the life of the pants. Win! The main fabric I used is a lightweight corduroy, which will carry really nicely from winter to spring. If winter ever ends…DSC_1033

I tend to make my oldest pants that are much slimmer, since he is ridiculously skinny, so at first I wasn’t sure if I would like the fit. But after watching him in them, I realized that the looser, relaxed look works for him too. Perfect for my boy who is running, jumping, and moving all.the.time.

DSC_1028 Speaking of fun details – how great are these back pockets?

Don’t forget, the Pattern Anthology has patterns for boys AND girls and is a limited time package that you do not want to miss.


The Grandpa Inspired Look – sewing along with PR&P’s boy week

Well I’m sewing along with another week of Project Run and Play! Really, how could I not sew along with boy week?

I decided to sew for my three-year-old, because honestly, I don’t do that often. Poor middle child. Plus, he’s my most reluctant model.


As I lay awake the other night [seriously, pregnancy insomnia? I’d like to sleep while I can, thankyouverymuch], I knew exactly what I needed to make for my middle man. Inspired, once again, by this photo:

bumpa, dasche, jay, busiaMy grandpa seriously knew how to rock the plaid pants. Instead of going plaid this time, though, I went argyle. Argyle! I seriously love this fabric.

DSCF7400The pants are made from this yummy Kaufman 21 Wale Cool Cords Argyle Brown that I got from It’s a self-drafted pattern based on another pair of his pants, and they fit him exactly the way I wanted.


The shirt is upcycled from a men’s tee and self-drafted as well, though I wish I had made the neckline a little bit higher. This dude of mine has a large head and since I don’t sew for him terribly often, I always overcompensate.


Then to take the grandpa inspiration to the next level, I sized down a thrifted sweater. I used the existing neckline, which meant I had to move a button up. It ended up a little bit big, but he should be able to wear it for awhile.


The pants also have a little flare at the bottom [which I could not capture for the life of me, since he was being oh-so-cooperative].


Flat front, elastic back. Best style for a three-year-old.


He really was a fan of the clothes. Maybe just not a fan of me….

And then he realized just how crazy his mom is for making him stand in front of the open door in twenty degree weather.


Linking up with Make it Wear it on The Train to Crazy.

Flowery Tunic and Polka Dot Bows

Yes, I’m still continuing with my posts of my handmade Christmas gifts! I never want to ruin the surprise by blogging them ahead of time.


My sweet niece Hazel [how cute is she?!] is just two months older than my youngest. This works out well for outfit sewing, since I had a pretty good idea of her size.


I made her a tunic out of this super lovely crushed floral knit from [which they don’t seem to have currently, which is a bummer, because it is SO lovely]


I added a little placket in the front with some ivory knit and some sweet lace that has a vintage-y feel.


The bias tape and the adorable little flower button are both vintage. Which makes the top much more special in my eyes. Plus, I know her mama loves vintage, so I thought that would be fun for her. :)


The pants are simple flat-front cords, made specially for that cloth diaper booty.


I added simple polka dot bows to the bottom of the pants, to give them a girly flair. But they are just tacked on, since Hazel will have a baby brother in March, and I wanted her to be able to hand these pants down to him.


Sewing for girls is pretty fun. :)

Handmade from Head to Toe [a new outfit]

Even though we’re in the midst of the Boys Will Be Boys… gift series [which I’m totally loving, by the way – I hope you are too!], I decided to break from the tutorial posts.


If you are a sewing mama, you might be with me when I say that sometimes, you just have to sew for your littles.


Even if that means letting your toddler rip apart your scrap bin so that you can do it.


But when you come out on the other side, and you have an outfit that is pretty much exactly what you had in mind, it’s worth every second of clean up.


With some tweaking of my overall pattern, I made these pants with soft, comfortable grey corduroy [that I’ve used before on these pants].


The pants are fully lined with this fabulous fabric.


He’s wearing the shoes I made from the pattern I shared this morning. Once again, he thought they were not worthy of photographing. I disagreed, but you know how it is arguing with a 16 month old.

DSCF7107At least the shoes are nice to look at, even when they’re not on baby feet.

DSCF7132The shirt is upcycled from a men’s XXL T-shirt snagged on clearance at Target. I modified the Lil’ Long Johns pattern to make the tee, since I really liked the fit. [ironically, the shirt I upcycled for those PJs was also found at Target on clearance… I scored the mother load of XXL T-shirts that day]

DSCF7114Hooray for new outfits!

KCWC: Corduroy Pants

KCWC is slow-going these days. Apparently children think that napping is optional during this week. Mama does not agree. But nonetheless, we have pants!

These pants are a modified version of the Nowhere Man pants pattern. You can see a previous pair that I’ve sewn here.

I used a dark green, thinner corduroy from JoAnn’s. I also used the same plaid fabric for the front and back pockets.

I made the pant legs skinnier than the pattern indicates – my little dude is ridiculously skinny. Plus I extended the length well past the size 5 where the pattern ends. [They’re a bit long for now, but not bad with shoes on – and room to grow!]

I also left off the button flaps from the front of the pants. A little cleaner and simpler this time. It’s a great pattern, though, and a pretty easy sew.

I’m working on some more pieces for this week. But I’m not pushing myself to complete something each day. Baby number four takes a bit more energy to grow than the first three did, apparently. ;)

Leave a link if you’re sewing something for KCWC – I’d love to see!

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