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You may have seen already, but there are a bunch of giveaways going on all over blogland today. That’s because it’s Super Saturday over at The Daily Sew Facebook page!! Every hour there is a new giveaway posted. If you don’t already like that page, click over there now and like it. Then come back and enter to…

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I’m teaming up with The Fabric Fairy to bring you an awesome giveaway. One of you will win a $50 to her shop! She has amazing fabric. Her knits are gorgeous. I’ve posted about them before here.

DSC_0056This retro cars print is one of my faves!! She has such a great fabric selection at great prices.


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Thanks so much to The Fabric Fairy for sponsoring this giveaway!


Thrifting Love: fabric and notion heaven

The thrift store is my happy place. That’s usually where my car heads when I have some kid-free time [and on days when I’m feeling brave, with my kids] This last weekend, I swung into my favorite local thrift store and hit the jackpot.DSC_0454Not only did I find myself in thrifting heaven, with the mother load of fabric yardage [not just things-to-be-upcycled-and-used-as-fabric, but actual fabric], but everything in the store was half off. Yessss.DSC_0455Stripes, florals, ribbing… so much loveliness.DSC_0475My favorite find was at the bottom of that pile – about a yard of gorgeous navy blue wool fabric, with the original tag still on it. [happy sigh] Wouldn’t you love to know what the original owner made with the other nine yards? DSC_0473And all these notions! Some vintage, some not. But I found quite the supply of bias tape and zippers, which should keep me in stock for awhile. Maybe.
DSC_0465I seriously came home giddy. Now I heard my sewing machine calling me… cross your fingers for some good nappers today.

Amy of Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop [affiliate link] is hosting a sew along for her Hangout Hoodie and it starts today. I haven’t sewn this one yet, but I plan to – in fact, it’s my pattern for Flip this Pattern in November! Today is the day for printing and cutting your fabric, so there’s still time to join in! [and the great thing about a sew along is that you can join it at any time – it’s all right there on the blog!]

And, as if that wasn’t enough for today, Andrea of Go To Patterns [affiliate link] is giving away a copy of the Casual Lady, which I may or may not be obsessed with. So go like her on Facebook and enter to win your own copy!

Happy sewing, friends!

Thrifting Love!

There’s a local thrift stop that I frequent and just adore. There’s an entire section of the store devoted to sewing supplies. Um, hello! Love.DSC_0367Just this last weekend, I found a good stack of vintage patterns – including this fabulous flared pants beauty.
DSC_0366And this stack of fabric – fabric! Not just a bunch of things to upcycle [which of course makes me so ridiculously happy], but yards of fabric. I think that top home dec weight fabric needs to be living room pillows.

What would you make with these lovelies?

Fabric + Vintage Trimmings! [oh yeah, another giveaway!]

I hope you’ve checked out the fabulous 24 yards of fabric that we’re giving away here. Part of me wishes I wasn’t involved so I could win all that loveliness. ;)

Giving away fabric makes me giddy. So much so that I couldn’t stop.

So I’ve got MORE lovelies to give away today, from my personal stash!DSC_0082One and a half yards of this super fun laser cut blue knit fabric and these vintage goodies!
DSC_0081Chevron detail!
DSC_0083Plus some vintage lace trim and vintage blue buttons.

Want to win? Just leave a comment telling me what you’d make. If you want another entry, follow me on facebook or twitter or pinterest. Then leave a comment telling me that you do [one comment for each] and you’ll get an even better chance to win!

Good luck! And don’t forget about all the fabric you could win here too…

Giveaway is open to everyone and closes May 10 at 5 p.m. PST

Thoughts on fabric, boring decor, and lack of commitment…

I have had the same curtains in my living room for about six years. I made them not long after we moved into our house, and they’ve served our little home well.

The thing about them is that they’re… well, boring. Brown and boring. When I made them, I wanted something neutral to go with the decor, but there is just TOO much brown going on in there now. Brown couches, brown walls, brown rug, brown curtains. Seriously, what was I thinking?? Even adding accessories doesn’t de-brown the room enough.

boring brown living room

completely unstaged iPhone photo

But fabric, that can change the look of a room. Especially curtains. For the past three years or so, I keep telling myself I’m going to sew new curtains. And I never do. I look at stores to see if I find ready-made curtains that I like, but I either don’t like what I see or can’t justify spending the money, because I’m convinced I can do it better or cheaper [which isn’t necessarily true!]

Since Christmas, I’ve been on a serious curtain-fabric hunt. I keep bouncing ideas off my lovely sister-in-law, emailing her fabric choices, asking her opinion [because she is MUCH more gifted at decorating than I am]. Even when we found one that we both liked, I kept hesitating. Oh, the price is too high. I don’t know if it’s “me.” If I wait, I might find something better or cheaper.

Just the other day, I found something that I really liked. And after only a day or two’s hemming and hawing… I did it. I pulled the trigger and actually bought curtain fabric. It’s a little crazy and out of the box for me, I have to admit. And especially compared to my brown brown brown room.

Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Pristine Poppy Teal
Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Pristine Poppy Teal

I don’t know why I’m so non-commital and have such a hard time sewing things like this for myself. I have had the fabric for our bedroom curtains for at least three years as well, and still it sits, unsewn. My husband and I have been staring at green nursery curtains with jungle animals on them for years. Yeah… time for a change.

But right now, my nesting is in full-force. And it’s coming in fits of re-decorating and re-organizing and re-arranging. I’m just hoping that when the fabric comes, I don’t chicken out and send it back. Because the brown is starting to give me hives. And baby needs a cheery living room to come home to, don’t you think?

Do you have a hard time choosing fabrics? What projects have you been putting off for much longer than you should? Tell me I’m not alone here!

Boys Will Be Boys: Cloth Light Saber Tutorial

It’s another day of our gift series, Boys Will Be Boys, so Handmake Their Toys!


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Today’s tutorial is sure to win over the hearts of any boy who has a love for Star Wars. Or turning things into a weapon.

And for you, the lovely handmade gift maker? An easy sew, but one that your littles will love. And one that won’t actually hurt when they fight with each other. [not that my littles ever do that… *ahem*]

light sabers tutorial


  • Fabric with little to no stretch
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Poly-fil
  • Needle


1. Cut rectangle on the fold, approximately 18in x 2.5in (when folded).


2. Cut a second rectangle on the fold, approximately 7in. x 2.5in. (when folded)


3. Unfold and zig-zag the short end of the two pieces of fabric, right sides together.

sewing body of light saber

4. Fold the fabric again and zig-zag along the top edge and the open side.


5. Turn right-side out and stuff with poly-fil. You want it to be pretty well-stuffed, so that the light saber will actually hold up and not flop over. [that’s also why it’s best to use a fabric with little stretch – it will be much better for light saber fights]


6. Hand-sew the bottom of the light saber closed.


And now your boys have some safe, fun light sabers… that took you almost no time to create!

Now get yourself over to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy to check out the super fun shop she’s featuring. And she has an amazing giveaway of a set of these:


And the Fabric Fairy giveaway from yesterday is still open, so be sure to enter if you haven’t already!

I Did a Little Shopping… [some deals you should know about!]

I wasn’t planning on it, but somehow I found myself at JoAnn Fabrics today. Not early – I love my sleep too much to get up at 4am to go shopping!

But one of the all-day deals they have today is 75% off flannel. Have I mentioned how cold it gets here in Wisconsin? Flannel jammies are a must. And by buying them by the bolt, I could skip the enormous cutting counter line. [If you did that, you are so hardcore.]

Have you seen the fun pattern sales that are going on today??

Go To Patterns has patterns 15% off with code BLACKFRIDAY.

And here are some other great deals:

10% at Me Sew Crazy
40% at Shwin & Shwin today ONLY! 25% off after that
25% at Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop today ONLY!
[all using the code BLACKFRIDAY]

And Fabric.com has some sweet deals going on too.

Have you found any good sewing deals? Did you get up early and stand in line at the cutting counter for hours?

And don’t forget about the Truth in the Tinsel deal going on today…!