Boys Will Be Boys: Fabric Dominoes Matching Game and a Pattern Giveaway! [this giveaway is now closed]

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Today I have a tutorial for a  game that even the youngest boys can play. Bonus, it’s a game that doesn’t make any noise. [not that I can promise anything about your kiddos…]

fabric dominoes tutorialSupplies:

  • Two different materials – something sturdier than quilter’s cotton is preferable [or you will want to add interfacing]
  • Felt
  • Hot glue gun [or craft glue – but hot glue will hold better]
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread
  • Scissors


1. Cut the two different fabrics into approximately 4in x 7in pieces. Each domino will use two pieces, so you’ll need to cut double the number of rectangles as dominoes you want to make.


2. Cut felt shapes – you’ll want at least three of each shape. The more matches you have, though, the more fun the game will be. And the more time your little one can spend playing it. Then, using either hot glue or craft glue [hot glue would hold better], attach the shapes to your fabric.


3. Put the fabric pieces right sides together, then zig-zag stitch around three sides.


4. Clip the corners and turn the pieces right side out.


5. Fold the unfinished edges under and press. Use a pin to hold in place.


6. Top-stitch around the edge of the dominoes.


And now you have a game that your boys can play over and over, matching the shapes together. Or using their imaginations to create their own rules!


And today, we have another awesome giveaway. Kate from See Kate Sew is giving away a bundle of her three softie patterns — so you can make your kiddos an owl, a hedgehog, and a dinosaur! [this giveaway is now closed]



What little boy [or even girl!] wouldn’t love those adorable creatures added to their collection?

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me what animal softie you think the little one in your life would like the best.

For additional entries:

Leave a comment for any of these extra entries for them to count. The giveaway will be open through Saturday.

Now hop over to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy and check out her awesome Pokemon card pouch.



Re-using Handmade Birthday Decorations [happy birthday, E!]

When my oldest turned three, I went on a little birthday decoration making spree.

I made him a crown.

I appliqued T-shirts with threes on them.

I even made a no-sew birthday banner.

In the past two years, there have been many birthdays, but I have yet to make anything new to add to the collection.

But lucky for me, this little lovey turns three today! And we get to re-use all of the wonderful birthday decor that I created two years ago. [we do use the banner all the time… it’s very well-loved by now]

So happy birthday to my Eli! Three years of hugs, laughs, and trains. And just enough nutty to keep mama on her toes. ;) Wouldn’t change it for anything.

Owls and Stars

Are we sick of owls yet? Is that trend over?

Well, either way, I still like them. And since I have a tendency to scoop up plain T-shirts when they’re on clearance, I had a white tee that was in need of a little … something.

So, a little felt owl appliqué, a few freezer paper stenciled stars, and boring T-shirt no longer.

These freezer paper stencils were made using a star hole punch, which is quite possibly the easiest way to make a stencil for fabric paint.

And points if you can spot the avocado on his shirt. Because everyone lets their babies eat avocado right before photographing them, right?

Valentine Conversation Heart Garland: a Tutorial!

In the house full of boys like mine, there’s not a lot of opportunity for pink. I think that’s why I end up wearing pink a lot [that and my hubby once told me I look good in pink… totally bought a lot of pink shirts after that!]

So, Valentine’s Day is really the perfect excuse to pink-ify my house. [yes, I made up that word. go with it.]

This tutorial is suuuuper easy. You could make it a project you do with your kids – or not. You could also make it much more intricate. You could even do it no sew.

Start with some felt. I used regular old by the yard felt. Wool felt will be nicer and last longer. Regular felt is cheaper, and I happened to have a bunch of it.

Cut the felt into strips. The width of the strips should be about how wide you’d like your hearts to be.

Fold the strips in half [I did two strips at a time, to make it go a little faster]. Cut your hearts on the fold, so the center of the heart is where the fold is. This is genius if, like me, your hearts are never symmetrical.

Cut as many as you’d like, from whatever colors you’re going to use.

Now write your cutesy Valentine sayings on top of the hearts. I used these Sharpie Stained fabric markers. They are awesome. Regular permanent makers will bleed, so don’t use those. [Also, my white felt had a “flatter” side that was better for writing on – the other side didn’t look as nice. This is also a case for nicer felt…]

Then sew them together – a straight stitch all the way across. You can space them farther apart if you want, then just keep sewing a little bit in between each one, so you end up with a “chain” of stitches in between your hearts.

You could also hot glue the hearts to a ribbon to hang them, if you don’t want to sew them. That’s what I did for this no sew birthday banner.

Then enjoy how excited your kids [even boys!] can get about simple Valentine’s decorations.

Super Quick Pirate Eye Patch Tutorial

Did you know today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Neither did I… until, through the wonders of Facebook, I was made aware of this holiday.  So what does a holiday like this require?  A super quick eye patch, of course!

When I realized it was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I dug out some elastic and some felt.  They don’t match, but that doesn’t bother my boys at all [even though my need-to-match-self may have wanted to run out and buy some black felt….]

Cut the elastic to comfortably fit around your child’s head.  I had some softer [read: won’t dig in to their skull] elastic that I snagged from a Pick Your Plum daily deal, so I used that.

Cut your felt in the shape of an eye patch.

Zig zag the felt onto the elastic.

Zig zag the ends of the elastic together.

Teach your three-year-old to say “Arrr, matey” while he eats his lunch.

Play peek-a-boo with your snot covered one-year-old, because really, what fun would an eye patch be if you didn’t do that?

Now, I’m off to do some plundering and…. whatever else is is that pirates might do. ;)

No Sew Birthday Banner

When my oldest turned three, I made a birthday banner.

Last weekend, my baby turned one. [Insert tears and sappy “my baby is growing up too fast!” comments here]  So we pulled out that birthday banner for the second time in less than two months.

The banner is made with felt, ribbon, and hot-glue.  I wanted it to be fast and easy.  I think it only took me a couple hours (including all those three-year-old interruptions while little brother was napping).

I wanted to be able to use this banner again, so I added a velcro space for a number — like this “three” for my oldest son’s birthday.

But my poor second child didn’t get a “one” for his birthday banner.  With our Thanksgiving travels, the birthday party, and hosting another Thanksgiving celebration, well, it slipped my mind until my house was filling up with guests.  Woops!  [I just tucked the extra space behind the banner, and no one else knew the difference]  Hopefully he won’t remember this and hold it against me when he’s fifteen….

the prince

every birthday prince needs a birthday crown

how else will everyone know how old you are?

super simple – felt, hot glue gun, and self-adhesive velcro

it’s good to be three.

Felt Embellished Baby Onesies!

A couple weeks ago, I broke my first needle on my sewing machine.  It was a sad day, because I was finishing a project for myself, and I couldn’t get the old needle off!  But of course, that problem is fixed and we are now back in business.

But before I could get back to finishing my selfish sewing (which sometimes is much more fun, I will admit), I had to whip something up for a baby shower!  So, here are the baby onesies, embellished with felt.  I love decorating onesies with felt.  It has a fun look to it, and it’s super easy to make.  Some pieces are hand-sewn (which is great for when I’m watching The Next Food Network Star, or some other TV show – I like to multi-task!), and some are machine-sewn.




(For this one, I set all the pieces up exactly how I wanted them, then took a picture to refer to as I was sewing)

This onesie has been my favorite so far.  My friend whom I gave it to is doing an owl-themed nursery, and I just LOVE how it turned out.