Painted Planter Tutorial and FREE teacher appreciation printable!

You can smell it in the air… summer is coming! If your little ones are still finishing out their school year, chances are you’ll need a teacher gift or two. As a former elementary school teacher, I can tell you how wonderful it is to feel so appreciated at the end of a long school year! This easy DIY is something that teachers can enjoy year-round, and if you don’t have a teacher to buy for, make one for yourself!



  • succulent planter (I found these fabulous ceramic hanging planters at Target. Here is a similar one and a glass one.)
  • paint {or a Sharpie marker!}
  • paintbrush
  • Free Thank You Printable

1. Choose the color and find a paint that is appropriate for the material of your planter.


2. Begin to paint your design! I began with polka dots:DSC_5999

3. Continue to paint all around the planter until you’ve covered it as much or as little as you want. Experiment with fun designs, like these plus signs:

DSC_60244. Fill with succulents and the appropriate dirt/rocks.

DSC_60585. Then, if you’re giving these to a teacher, print off these easy thank you cards that say “Thank You for helping me grow” – I love a good punny thank you note!

Download the Free Teacher Appreciation Printable Thank You for Helping me Grow cards now

Each page has four cards, so you can print them out on card stock and have ready made cards for each teacher in your child’s life or print them onto regular paper and glue to the front of a card that your child colors. I found that they print perfectly on these postcards, which are perforated to it super easy if you have multiple teachers!DSC_6073

And if you aren’t in need of a teacher gift, just hang them up and enjoy them yourself!DSC_6098

Or maybe do both? Because let’s be honest, you just can’t have too many succulents around! So fresh and bright – great for a gift or great for your own home.DSC_6093

This is really one of my absolute favorite non-sewing crafts I’ve made lately, and I just couldn’t part with these two. So I had to make a different one to send with my oldest for his last day of his homeschool group. And hopefully my black thumb will be able to keep these lovelies alive. :)

Painted Planter


Embroidered Necklace Tutorial

I’m not very good at accessorizing. I tend to default to scarves and … that’s about it.

So, in an effort to broaden my horizons, I decided to make a simple DIY necklace that was easy to wear with my everyday not-at-all-fancy outfits.

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Awhile back, I found a variety pack of different pendants on a daily deal site. They are very similar to these.

Truthfully, I had no idea what I was going to do with them when I bought them. But when I saw how deep this one was, I decided to embroider some fabric to put inside it.

Remember that embroidery from my previous post?

Now, I use the term embroidery a little loosely. I have no technique. I have no skills. It’s all pretty random but intentional stitching [if that makes sense]. I used a jersey knit fabric, but only because I liked the color. It wasn’t ideal. A non-stretchy fabric would work much nicer for this project. If you do use jersey, add some interfacing behind the fabric to stabilize it a bit.

After cutting the fabric to the shape of the pendant, [which I definitely recommend doing before gluing … my shape is a little off, because I glued it in first without making sure the size was exactly right] I used this Fabri-Tac glue to attach the fabric to the pendant. I like that this stuff is strong and the fabric is definitely stuck to the pendant. It dries really quickly, though, so you have to get your fabric onto the pendant fast. And you have to smooth it out, or it is a little “lumpy” after it dries. You can peel the fabric carefully off the pendant after it’s dry, if you need to, but then you’ll have a layer of dried glue on the back of your fabric. Mod Podge would be a great option too.

All ready for a chain!

Look at me, all accessorizing.

Pillows!! {and a Giveaway!}

I have been making pillows like crazy.  Something about the weather, I think.  Nothing like the cold of a Wisconsin fall to make me want to cozy up on the couch with a felted wool pillow.

vintage sheet + felted wool = love on a pillow
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i love birds. and grey. and pillows… seriously.
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stripes and owls? can’t go wrong, if you ask me.
{yes, this is listed in my shop also!}

But wait… here’s one that’s not in my shop.  It’s ready to ship for the winner of this super awesome giveaway!

My lovely friend Courtney from Simple City Life is taking part in a HUGE giveaway blog hop called 12 Days of Gifts Galore.  She’s giving away this amazing package of handmade goodies, including this very pillow! [And she’s linked up with all the other blogs that are giving away amazing things as well… seriously, you need to go take a look!]

So, make sure you head over to enter the giveaway soon! [it ends December 6th]

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