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Handmade Gifts for Boys 2015 Giveaway and Wrap-up!


The fourth annual Handmade Gifts for Boys series has come to a close! Stacey and I always have so much fun bringing you new ideas for gifts to make your kiddos. Hopefully you’ve found an idea or two and have been inspired to make your boys (or girls!) some gifts this year. Keep reading through the end of the post for two FANTASTIC giveaways with multiple winners!

Handmade Gifts For Boys 2015

1. Trading Card Carrier
2. DIY Wooden Scrap Tank
3. DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat
4. Mini-me Apron and Tutorial
5. Snake Softie FREE pattern and Tutorial
6. 15+ Softie pattern round-up
7. Floor Cushion (with hidden storage) Tutorial
8. Lego Minifig Doll
9. Alex and Anna – Sweet Dreams Jammies
10. Happy Feet Pajamas

To find the tutorials from the previous years, click these images:

Handmade Gifts For Boys 2014


handmadegiftscollage 2




Now for the GIVEAWAY! We have two big giveaways, with three winners each!! Every year we’ve been blessed with some incredible sponsors who have been so generous, and this year is no exception. We have some awesome patterns and shop credit for you to win!

Here on my blog, three winners will receive one of three prizes:

  1. $20 from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop and 1 Bottoms Up Pants PDF Pattern from If Only Designs
  2. 2 PDF patterns of choice from Swoodson Says and 1 Bottoms Up Pants PDF pattern from If Only Designs
  3. 2 PDF patterns of choice from Swoodson Says and 1 Bottoms Up Pants PDF pattern from If Only Designs

handmade gifts for boys giveaway

Click here to enter the giveaway

Then head over to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts where Stacey is giving away patterns and shop credit from these awesome sponsors:

handmadegiftsforboysgiveawayThanks so much for joining us for Handmade Gifts for Boys again this year! It was so much fun! Happy making :)

Handmade Gifts for Boys Tutorials and Inspiration


Handmade Gifts for Boys Day 5: Peekaboo Pajamas

To wrap up our Handmade Gifts for Boys series, both Stacey and I decided to sew up some pajamas from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. I’ve sewn many, many patterns from Peekaboo, including countless jammies. Today I combined the Alex and Anna winter pajamas with the Sweet Dreams PJs for a pair of everyday jammies with a hint of Christmas.

Peekaboo Pajamas

Peekaboo Patterns has basically every type of pajama pattern you could want… footie pajamas, zip-up, baby gowns, summer, long johns… everything! Whatever you want your kiddos to wear on Christmas morning, you can find it there.

Peekaboo PJs

I’ve had this red and white houndstooth flannel since last year’s black Friday sale at JoAnn’s, and it feels Christmasy without being too out of season to wear the rest of the winter.

Christmas PJs from Peekaboo Patterns

I made the Sweet Dream pants, without the cuff. The pants are nice and loose for lounging, which is just the type of PJ pants my little guy prefers.

Pajamas from PeekabooThe shirt from the Alex and Anna pajamas is one of those fabulous comfy shirts that my kids never want to take off.

Darth Vader applique on PJs

My little man is a little Star Wars obsessed these days, so a simple Darth Vader appliqué got him so excited to put it on! And hey, anything to make bedtime just a little bit easier, right? ;)

Darth Vader appliqueI found a silhouette of Darth Vader, traced it onto some black fabric, zig zagged it on, and then zig zagged with white thread for the details.

Peekaboo PJs for Christmas

Stacey is sharing the sweet Happy Feet jammies from Peekaboo that she made for her little guy!

Happy Feet Pajamas-37

I can’t believe this year’s Handmade Gifts for Boys week is already over! Tomorrow we’ll wrap up the series with a BIG giveaway, so don’t forget to pop in and enter.

Happy sewing!

Handmade Gifts for Boys Day 3: Snake Stuffie Free Pattern and Tutorial

Welcome back to day three of the Handmade Gifts for Boys series! Awhile back, my six-year-old saw a stuffed snake toy at the zoo, and he cannot stop talking about it. He has been begging me to make one for him. So today I have a free pattern so you can make one too!
Snake softie free pattern and tutorial


  • fleece
  • knit fabric
  • polyfill
  • embroidery thread

1. Embroider eyes onto the snake’s face.

snake stuffie step 1

2. If you want to, embroider a design on the snake’s back.

snake stuffie step 2

3. Put the top and bottom pieces right sides together and sew. Repeat with the snake’s belly

snake stuffie step 5

4. Put the tongue on top of the snake’s face, right side facing the eyes.

snake stuffie step 3

5. Put the top and the belly right sides together.snake stuffie step 4

6. Sew along the outsides, leaving an opening in the center of the snake.

snake stuffie step 6

7. Stuff with polyfill and use a blind stitch to close the opening.

snake stuffie step 7

I can’t handle how adorable this snake is! My little guy is going to love it! The fleece makes it so snuggly.
snake stuffie

Download your free pattern here:

Snake Softie pattern from If Only Designs

Make sure you download it to your computer, don’t print from your browser. Then join the If Only Designs Patterns Facebook group to share your cuddly creation!

Snake Stuffie tutorial

Looking for more softies to sew? Stacey has an awesome roundup of softie patterns, so pop over there to check it out!


DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat

It’s day two of Handmade Gifts for Boys, and today I have a fun tutorial to keep your littles busy and active inside this winter. It’s about to get so ridiculously cold in Wisconsin, and I’m always trying to find ways for my boys to exercise inside – preferably in a way that doesn’t involve destroying my furniture. ;) This indoor hopscotch mat is a perfect solution!
DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat


  • approx. 2.5 yards of fabric for the mat (I used the entire width of the fabric from selvage to selvage)
  • 10 squares of fabric (mine were cut 11in x 11in)
  • scraps of fabric for numbers
  • scraps of non-fraying fabric for beanbag
  • dried beans or rice
  • sewing machine/thread

1.Cut your fabric squares.

2. Cut your numbers (I just drew them freehand, but you can always trace a large number from your computer/tablet screen)

3. Put each number in the center of the squares and zig zag stitch around the edges. Repeat with all ten numbers.

applique the numbers

2. Pin the squares in place on the large piece of fabric in hopscotch formation. Zig zag all around each square.

hopscotch mat step 1

3. Fold over the raw edges of the four sides of the big fabric piece and topstitch it in place to prevent the raw edges from fraying.

4. Cut two small squares for the beanbag.

bean bag pieces

5. Put the two pieces right sides together and zig zag stitch around all four sides, leaving a small opening. Pour in some dried beans or rice. Then close up the opening.

fill the bean bag

Then enjoy your indoor hopscotch game! I do recommend using this only on carpet, as this could get a little bit slippery while they’re jumping if you lay it on hard floor.

Indoor Hopscotch Mat Tutorial

Or if you’re two years old, enjoy throwing the beanbag as hard as you can and jumping wherever you want. ;)

hopscotch mat tutorial

Hooray for indoor winter exercise!

Make an indoor hopscotch mat

Now head over to Stacey’s blog to see her super adorable mini-me apron pattern!

Mini-me Apron Teaser

Happy sewing!

Handmade Gifts for Boys Tutorials and Inspiration


Handmade Gifts for Boys Day 1: Trading Card Carrier Tutorial

Today fellow boy mama Stacey and I are back for our fourth annual Handmade Gifts for Boys series! We love this series so much!! We have some awesome tutorials and inspiration for you, plus a HUGE giveaway at the end of the week. So fire up your sewing machines and bust out your craft supplies, and get ready to make some gifts for the boys in your life! (And yes, of course, we know that many girls would love these gifts too! We have seven boys between us, so we like to help out other boy moms and boy gift-givers.)

Handmade Gifts for Boys Tutorials and Inspiration

My oldest recently got into sports. Like really into sports. He loves to play sports, but even more so, he loves to know all the facts and stats about the games, players, and teams. So I made him a trading card carrier for his football cards.

Trading Card Carrier Tutorial

And yes, he’s a Packer fan. ;)


  • Two pieces of not stretchy fabric (mine were 16×18)
  • Clear vinyl
  • Heavier interfacing, quilting batting, or felt — if you’re using quilting cotton, you’ll want something to give the carrier more stability. You can get away with not using this if you are using a sturdier fabric like a canvas, home dec fabric, etc.
  • Snap or velcro closure – I prefer Kam snaps (affiliate link)
  • Sewing machine/thread

1.Cut the vinyl slightly larger than the cards. My vinyl pieces were about 4in x 3in. This gave the cards plenty of room and would accommodate larger cards as well. More than one card can be held in the pockets. For this size fabric, I cut 12 vinyl pocket pieces.

2. Space the vinyl pieces evenly along the fabric in rows.  Don’t pin the vinyl. Either mark with chalk where they should go or use scotch tape to keep them in place.

3. Use a zig-zag stitch to attach the pockets to one piece of fabric. Make sure you back stitch at the beginning and end of your stitching (at the top of your pockets), or the stitching will come out as your kids put cards in and out of the pockets.

card carrier step 1

4. Continue until all pockets are attached to one piece of fabric. 12 pockets should fit four across, three down. I spaced them so there was a little bit extra space in the center for folding. I didn’t measure when I placed my pockets, I just tried to keep about the same distance between each pocket.card carrier step 2

5. If you need to use interfacing, iron it to the wrong side of the other piece of fabric now.

6. Take the two pieces of fabric (one with the pockets, one without) and place them right sides together. *If you are using felt or quilting batting, this should go next to the wrong side of one fabric piece. It will end up sandwiched in between your fabrics.* Sew along three sides, leaving one short side open – this should be the side where you want your closure tab to go.

7. Cut two small rectangles of fabric for a closure tab.

card carrier step 3

8. Put right sides together and sew three sides. Turn right side out, press, and topstitch.

card carrier step 4

9. Turn the main fabric pieces right side out and press the raw edges of the open side under. Place the closure tab in between the fabrics and pin. Pin/clip the opening closed.card carrier step 5

10. Topstitch that side closed and continue topstitching around the three other sides, all around the carrier.

card carrier step 6

11. Add a snap or velcro closure – one piece on the closure tab and one on the other side of the carrier. I put one of my snap pieces on backwards – your closure should go on top of the carrier, not inside. (But Kam snaps are awful to remove once you’ve put them on, and for a project like this, I wasn’t going to go through the effort. ;)card carrier step 7

Then grab a pack of sports cards, Pokemon cards, whatever kind of cards your kiddo is into, and you have a great gift!

Trading Card Carrier

It’s such a fun way for the cards to be displayed, but also tucked away and kept safe. They can look through them, but they’re also a bit more protected.

DIY trading card carrier

You can fold it in half…

card carrier

Or you can fold the bottom up and the top down before folding it in half to make a really easy to carry around! I love how small it gets, because then it really tucks the cards inside, and they aren’t likely to fall out.

Folded Up Card Carrier tutorial

An easy way to keep things organized and displayed or safely taken on a road trip or to a friend’s house!
card carrier for sports cards, game cards, trading cards

Now make sure you head over to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts to see what Stacey made for her boys! And don’t forget, more handmade boy gift ideas tomorrow!

Wooden Scrap Tank Teaser

If you didn’t follow along with our previous Handmade Gifts for Boys years, you can find all the tutorials here.

33+ Handmade Gifts for Boys - Patterns, Tutorials, and More!

Remember, there’s a BIG giveaway coming later this week, so be sure to check back! Happy sewing!

33+ Handmade Gifts for Boys – Tutorials, free patterns, and more!

If you have boys on your gift list this year, you’ll want to check out this amazing list of handmade gifts! You’ll find tutorials and free patterns, sewing and non-sewing DIY gifts. Plus, you’ll find links to patterns you can purchase and even some shops that make gifts you can buy!

33+ Handmade Gifts for Boys - Patterns, Tutorials, and More!

Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts and I just wrapped up our third annual Handmade Gifts for Boys series, and we always have so much fun!! (And of course, all of these ideas could be great for girls too! Stacey and I both have all boys, so we like to spend a little time before the holidays gathering up a slew of tutorials and DIYs that boy mamas would like, but girl mamas are sure to find something here too!)

Here are all the tutorials from year three:

Handmade Gifts For Boys 2014

  1. Lego Minifig Carrier
  2. Dragon Dress-up Poncho
  3. Fabric Shield and Sword Set
  4. Instant Snowman Kit
  5. Pajama Eaters and Superhero Pajama Eaters
  6. Free Teddy Bear Jacket Pattern
  7. Wipeable Chalkboard Speech Bubble Shirt
  8. DIY Superhero Wall Art
  9. Free Fleece Warrior Hat Pattern

Click here to see more tutorials and ideas from year two:

handmadegiftscollage 2

And click here to see even more from year one:



Thanks so, so much to this year’s sponsors:

handmadegiftsgiveaway.Mabel Madison
Sew Fearless
Patterns for Pirates
Beatnik Kids
If Only Designs

For even more boy ideas, check out this Boy Gift Ideas Pinterest board or this Boy Sewing board!

Handmade Gifts for Boys day 5 – DIY Superhero Wall Art

It’s the last day for the third annual Handmade Gifts for Boys series! And it wouldn’t be a gift series for my boys without a little superhero action. My boys are pretty superhero obsessed. So I thought it would be fun to give them something for their shared bedroom.

DIY Superhero Wall Art


  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery hoop
  • optional picture frame
  • woven fabric (to fit the frame)

1. Find a superhero emblem/logo to trace onto your fabric. I googled the image and put my iPad underneath the embroidery hoop to trace. You could also print it out and hold your hoop up to a window to trace.


2. Trace the image with chalk, disappearing fabric marker, or lightly with pencil (as long as you know you’re going to stitch over the pencil)

DSC_02303. Then start stitching! For this one, I stitched an outline to begin.

DSC_02334. Then I just stitched long stitches up and down to fill in the Batman emblem.


You can either leave the stitching in the hoop, or place it in a picture frame like I did.

I plan on adding a few more of these so the boys can have a little superhero wall (my first attempt at Captain America didn’t quite work out, so I need to give it another shot).


Bonus: it doesn’t add to the toy clutter in our house, but the kids will still love it!

Head over to check out Stacey’s fantastic Fleece Warrior Hats! These would go perfectly with my sword and shield set!


You only have a short time left to enter the giveaway!

$30 gift certificate to Mabel Madison
Winner’s choice 1 Patterns for Pirates Pattern

Click here to enter the giveaway!


Happy boy sewing!

Handmade Gifts for Boys Day 2: DIY Shield and Sword Set

Welcome back to day two of Handmade Gifts for Boys! Stacey and I both have tutorials to share with you for your boy-gifting needs! Today I’ve got a super easy tutorial for boys who love to act out David and Goliath or pretend to be a Knight of the Round Table.




  • Felt (you could also use fleece)
  • Polyfill

1. Cut two sword shapes out of felt – 4.5 x 12.5in.


2. Put the two pieces together and sew along the outside and then sew a straight line down the center, not quite sewing to the end of the sword. Stuff with polyfill, leaving at least 1/2 inch unstuffed.


3. Cut two handles out of felt – see the picture for dimensions that I used.



4. Sew the two handle pieces separately to the end of the sword. By sewing them only to the sword pieces and not to each other, it helps the sword to not be quite as floppy.


5. Sew the two handle pieces together, sewing 1/4in. over the stitching you just did onto the sword and leaving the end of the sword open.


6. Stuff the handle with polyfill and stitch the end closed.DSC_0688

7. Cut two shield shapes out of felt – 13.5 x 10.5in.


8. Cut a small rectangle for the handle – 2 x 6.5in.


9. Sew the handle to the back of the shield with two small rectangles of stitching.


10. Sew whatever design you want to the front of the shield.DSC_0720

11. Put the two shield pieces wrong sides together and stitch around the shield, leaving the bottom open.DSC_0723

12. Stuff with polyfill and stitch closed.


If you have older kids, this is a super easy project that they could tackle themselves. It would be a great gift for them to make their younger siblings, cousins, or friends!

Then watch your favorite little boy win the battle of a lifetime! And bonus: when he whacks his baby brother, it probably won’t hurt, because it’s basically a big giant pillow!


And when he gets wounded in battle, you get to rescue him :)


Adding these to our dress-up bin will be perfect for all the good vs. evil action that happens around here. They’re so quick and easy to make that you can make them for all the little boys on your Christmas list!

While your little ones are out battling dragons or saving the world, make sure you enter our giveaway, there’s still plenty of time to enter!


 Click here to enter the giveaway!

Now head over to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy and see this aDORable Instant Snowman Kit that Stacey has today!


Handmade Gifts for Boys Day 1: Lego Minifig Carrier Tutorial

Welcome to day one of the third annual Handmade Gifts for Boys series! Stacey and I have a week full of tutorials and giveaways to help with your boy gift giving! (Or for girls too ;) So make sure you come back every day this week to see all the fun we have in store!

My boys spend about 95% percent of their time playing with Legos, and they have a particular fondness for the Lego Minifigures (affiliate link). I decided to make them a carrier so that they can cart them around the house – or even take them in the car – easily!

Lego Minifig Carrier Tutorial

Supplies needed:

  • less than 1/4 yard of non-stretchy fabric (I used quilting cotton)
  • fusible interfacing
  • fold over elastic (affiliate link)
  • KAM snaps (affiliate link) or buttons
  • basic sewing supplies

1. Cut two rectangles of fabric and one of interfacing. Mine were 8×11, but you can adjust your size to fit your needs. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the inside fabric.


2. Cut two pieces of fold over elastic the length of the fabric (in my case that was 11 inches. Pin them across the fabric.


3. Sew the ends of the elastic down first, then a vertical line one inch from the edge. This will leave a space for the mini figures to slide in. You will want to either use a straight stitch or a very narrow zig-zag stitch and then stitch back and forth a couple times.


4. Continue in one inch intervals all the way across the elastic. Repeat with the second elastic and trim all your loose threads.


5. Cut a 3.5 x 6inch rectangle for the carrier’s handle.


6. Fold it in half with right sides together and sew along two sides with a 1/4 seam allowance (or trim the seam allowance when you’re finished if you use a larger seam allowance). Clip the corner.


7. Turn this inside out and fold the raw edge under 1/4 inch. Press and topstitch the open end closed.


8. Pin it in the middle of the outside fabric.


9. Sew the ends of the handle with a small rectangle. You can also sew an X in the middle.


10. Put the two fabrics right sides together with 1/4 inch seam allowance and sew around the edges, leaving a two inch opening.


11. Clip the corners and turn right side out. Press the raw edge of the opening under (and press the rest of the fabric). Topstitch around all four sides.


12. Attach snaps or buttons/buttonholes to both ends.


Now slide the minifigs in, and your littles can carry their toys wherever they go!


When snapped closed, the handle is perfect for little hands.


The elastic keeps everything securely in place, and there’s room for plenty of them! You could make your carrier a little larger if your boys have lots of “Lego guys” (as we call them in our house) and you need to make room for more.


For us, though, this size is perfect. It will also hopefully prevent all the frustration that comes from trying to carry too many minifigs around the house, but your hands are too small. A familiar scenario in our home…


But wait, there’s more! We have a fabulous giveaway! We’ve put together an amazing bundle of fabric and patterns for a lucky winner!


$30 gift certificate to Mabel Madison
Winner’s choice 1 Patterns for Pirates Pattern

Click here to enter the giveaway!

Now make sure you head over to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts and check out her awesome DIY Dragon Poncho tutorial!


And don’t forget, my Bottoms Up Pants Pattern is on sale for 22% off, but only through today! So grab your copy! (If you purchase it and then win the giveaway, I will happily refund you)

Third annual Handmade Gifts for Boys is on the way!

For the past two years, Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts and I have teamed up to bring you tutorials to help you have a handmade Christmas for the boys in your life. And we’re back again next week with more boy gifting goodness!


Since both Stacey and I are boy mamas, we like to give a little help to all the other moms of boys who sometimes get the short end of the crafting stick. We’re super excited to get YOU excited for handmade Christmas gifts!

You can see Year One here


And you can find Year Two here.

handmadegiftscollage 2

So December 1st – 5th, be prepared for tutorials and giveaways that you and your boys will love (and yes, even the girls could love them too ;)