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FREE Women’s Beanie Hat Pattern

Hey friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! Life has gotten busy, with homeschooling, the craziness of having five kids (and a climbing toddler – oy!), and all the things of life. I meant to share this women’s beanie pattern months ago, but blogging and sewing took a back seat to life. So I’m back with this free knit hat pattern to help you forget my long absence. ;) This one is great for upcycling an old or thrifted sweater (like the one in the photo!) or using any knit or french terry fabric.

All you need is a scrap of knit or french terry fabric that has good stretch and a sewing machine/serger. A sweater headed for the donation bin is a great way to make this hat look hand knit, even when it isn’t.

Let’s get started!

1. Print out the Free Pattern. Cut on the fold. If you are using a sweater, line the pattern up to the bottom edge of the sweater. Instead of cutting on the fold, cut two (one from the front of the sweater, one from the back).

2. Unfold the fabric and re-fold as shown below.  Sew along the long, curved edge (the new fold should be on the left). Use a serger or a zig zag stitch.

3. Fold in half, so your seam is inside.

4. Your enclosed seam will be inside now (you can see it in this photo below on the left). Your hat will be laying flat so that each triangle lines up. Sew the longest outer edge together as seen below. You’ll have four layers to sew together (unless you are upcycling a sweater).  If you’re sewing with a zig zag stitch, make sure that you sew backwards a bit at the ends of your stitches, to secure them in place.

5. Now you will turn the hat and sew the next set of raw edges together.

6. Continue turning the hat and sewing the raw edges together as shown below.

7. Do this until all raw edges have been sewn together. It should look kind of like a star inside your hat (as seen below).

8. Sew across the top and trim to avoid having a point at the top of your hat. Tie or otherwise secure and serger threads and trim them.

Tah-dah! You have a cozy new hat! It goes great with this free cardigan pattern too. ;)

This is a great pattern for using up knit scraps! You could also match with your itty bitty and make a matching newborn baby hat!

Make sure you download your FREE pattern!

 Download your FREE Women’s Beanie Pattern

Happy sewing!



Free Newborn Baby Pants Pattern

My absolute favorite thing to make for new babies is a pair of baby pants. Or three. I make my pants using this tutorial of mine, and now I’ve added a free newborn sized pattern to make it even easier for you!
Free Baby Pants Pattern


  • 1/4 yard of knit fabric
  • 15 inches of 3/4in. non-roll elastic (you may need to adjust this length based on the size of your baby)

For the time being, the pattern will be available for download only in the If Only Designs Facebook Group. Click over and join the group to download!
1. Cut two of the newborn baby pants pattern – make sure to reverse one (hint: fold your fabric wrong sides together, put the pattern piece on top, and cut two pieces)

baby pants 1

2. Fold the leg piece right sides together and sew down the inseam. Repeat with the second leg.

baby pants 2

3. Put one leg inside the other, right sides together. Pin together and sew the crotch seam.

baby pants 4

4. Turn right side out.

baby pants 5

5. Sew the ends of your elastic together with a zig-zag stitch.

baby pants 6

6. Fold the top of the pants down 1in. over the elastic circle. Pin the fabric in place. There are several options for making your waistband casing: use a coverstitch (my preferred method), double needle, or stretch stitch. Whichever you choose, make sure you don’t sew over your elastic. If you want to insert a ribbon/tag, now is the time to do it!

baby pants 7

7. Turn up the bottom of the pants 1/2in. and hem using your preferred method (coverstitch, double needle, or stretch stitch).

baby pants 8

Then admire your itty bitty newborn baby pants!

free baby pants pattern 1

Seriously, what is cuter than a row of baby pants?

free baby pants pattern 3

Well, maybe a baby in the pants! Since I don’t have any more bitty babies in my house, I sent these pants to my lovely friend Jodi at Sew Fearless for her sweeter than sweet baby boy. She shared this picture of him in the pants on her Instagram, and I just about died from the cuteness!


Sew all the baby pants!

free baby pants pattern 2

Download your free newborn baby pants pattern by joining the If Only Designs Facebook Group.

Happy sewing, friends!

Snapdragon Dress + Giveaway!

Since I have a house full of boys, I jump at the chance to make dresses for my nieces. My lovely friend Melissa from Sew Like My Mom sent me her new Snapdragon Dress pattern, and if I had girls, I’m pretty sure this is all I would make them.
Snapdragon Dress pattern by Sew Like My Mom sewn by If Only They Would Nap

If you’re a regular reader, you know how much I love Melissa’s patterns, and oh my goodness, I am in looooove with this one.

snapdragon dress 9
This dress is super versatile – there’s the tank version that I sewed, but you can also choose from three different sleeve options. This pattern is so perfect for every season!

snapdragon dress 3

I love all the gathers … even though I hate the actual gathering process. ;)

snapdragon dress 8

I used a fabulous double knit from JoAnn’s that I’ve seen in a few different colorways. The polka dots are on one side and the stripes are on the other, so I mixed and matched throughout the dress. If I hadn’t started making this dress (ahem) the night before we left to visit, I would have hacked the pattern a bit to make this dress reversible. But I guess now I just have to make another one!

snapdragon dress 6

The knit is so soft and the design of the pattern is made for girls who love to run and play, my niece actually wore it for 48 hours! I’m all about making clothes that kids can play in, and this dress perfect for it.

snapdragon dress 7

Even when playing means waiting for your cousins to move out of the way, so you can bike through.

snapdragon dress 5

This might be my go-to dress pattern for the little girls in my life!

Snapdragon dress 1

And Melissa is so amazing, that she is giving away a copy of this PDF pattern to one lucky winner!! Click below to enter to win your own PDF copy of the Snapdragon Dress pattern – giveaway closes Tuesday night.snapdragon-listing-main1

 Click Here to Enter to Win!

Striped Birthday Tank

Boy number three turned four yesterday. To celebrate, I made him a striped tank.

striped tank 1

The tank is self-drafted and upcycled from an XL men’s tank top.

striped tank 6

The stripes on this tank are so rad. I love finding t-shirts on clearance to use as fabric, because sometimes you can find some fabulous prints that you can’t find elsewhere.

striped tank 4

Tanks are quick and easy; I made this one in less than 20 minutes – including a serger re-thread!

striped tank 5

He loves this tank so much, he insisted on sleeping in it as well. Point one for mama-made!

striped tank 7

I used ribbing for the neckline and coverstitched the armholes. You can get this same effect with a double needle.striped tank 8
I love four. When they’re really out of toddler-hood, but not quite a kid. You can reason with them, but they still curl in your lap and need you to kiss their owies. So perfect. :)

Happy sewing, friends!


Ballard Top

When I posted recently about how I’m not holding back and waiting for the perfect circumstances to sew more for myself anymore, I was overwhelmed by the amazing response. I’m obviously not alone in this. Too many of us are waiting until things are “just right” before we jump in and sew for ourselves.

So when my new friend Kimberly of Straight Stitch Designs (affiliate link) asked if I would join the blog tour for her newest pattern release, the Ballard, how could I say no?

Ballard Top

The Ballard top is a comfy knit top that is easily dressed up or down. It’s all “hey, I’m a super cute shirt!” in the front, and then “well heeeeeyyyy, I’m super sassy!” in the back.


The front has a sweet gathered, scoop neckline that I am loving. It hits in the perfect spot – not too low, not too high. And it adds a nice detail when you’re using a solid colored fabric.

DSC_0194I’m on the petite side (under 5’4), so this top is more like a tunic on me. I could maybe get away with wearing it with leggings as is, but I’d prefer to lengthen it just a teeny bit (because I’m in the leggings are not pants camp, and I like to keep the booty covered) It would also be very easy to shorten it, but I actually like the length as is.

DSC_0188The open back detail is so fun! It adds something really unique, but you could easily make the opening smaller if you’re not crazy about it being so open. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the open back at first, but after wearing it a bit (and getting quite a few compliments ;) I decided it’s too fun not to like, and I think it’s a great way to show a pop of color with a tank underneath.

DSC_0210From cut to sew, it probably came together in an hour or so. The pattern is super straightforward, though you should know going into it that this pattern has the fantastic feature of being able to print only the size you want to use. I really recommend this, because I completely missed this (because I didn’t read through the pattern until after I printed), and it would have been nice, as there were a lot of size lines crossing and it got a bit confusing which line to cut. So print only your size, and you won’t have this problem (and read the directions before you print… also a good lesson learned ;)


I wish you could see this fabric in person. I picked it up at JoAnn’s, it has a great weight… and it’s sparkly. We all know I love a good glitter fabric, in my land of boys over here. :)

I’ll definitely be sewing more Ballards! The pattern is being sold exclusively on Indie Sew for the next week, but will be sold at Straight Stitch Designs after that. You can check out all the other lovely versions of the Ballard being sewn up for the tour!ballard-tourgraphic

And just to keep it real… this is how photo shoots really look:

Happy sewing, friends!

Disclosure: I received this pattern as part of the blog tour, but all opinions are my own.

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day: Ruffle and Chevron Fabrics

Okay, so I know I said I’d be back later this week, but I had completely forgotten that today is Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day!

As most of you lovely regular readers know, I only have boys, so I have a few girly fabrics in my stash that are just sitting there, not being sewn into something pretty. I thought that this would be the perfect chance to share them with someone who could put them to good use!

 photo DSC_0379_zps284b485e.jpg

One winner will win approximately 1.5 yards of this fabulous black ruffle knit fabric. The ruffles are about 4 inches. When I came across this fabric years ago, it was the first time I had ever seen ruffle knit, and I bought three yards of it! Needless to say, it was more than my male-dominated house could handle. ;)

 photo DSC_0385_zps72440b3d.jpg

In addition to the ruffle knit, I have two chevron knits that are 1/4 yard or less. They are really pretty!

 photo DSC_0387_zpse2258e80.jpg

 photo DSC_0388_zps3ad265c9.jpg

Click here to enter the giveaway!

Giveaway is open internationally and will close on December 13th at 5pm PST.

The Fabric Fairy and Peek-a-boo Patterns Giveaway is still open here, so make sure you enter!

Fabric + Vintage Trimmings! [oh yeah, another giveaway!]

I hope you’ve checked out the fabulous 24 yards of fabric that we’re giving away here. Part of me wishes I wasn’t involved so I could win all that loveliness. ;)

Giving away fabric makes me giddy. So much so that I couldn’t stop.

So I’ve got MORE lovelies to give away today, from my personal stash!DSC_0082One and a half yards of this super fun laser cut blue knit fabric and these vintage goodies!
DSC_0081Chevron detail!
DSC_0083Plus some vintage lace trim and vintage blue buttons.

Want to win? Just leave a comment telling me what you’d make. If you want another entry, follow me on facebook or twitter or pinterest. Then leave a comment telling me that you do [one comment for each] and you’ll get an even better chance to win!

Good luck! And don’t forget about all the fabric you could win here too…

Giveaway is open to everyone and closes May 10 at 5 p.m. PST

KCWC: Color Block Striped Tee

I decided I needed a little quicker project, after the pants I worked on the past couple of days. One that wasn’t quite as detail oriented.

So obviously a striped T-shirt is the way to go!

This shirt is made with a combination of striped, knit fabric I scored from a rummage sale and an upcycled T-shirt. The tee is made from my own pattern [also known as “winging it”]

Here’s a shot of the back: a little color blocking to kick the stripes up a notch.

Despite the look on his face, he loves it. Put it on and wouldn’t take it off. And he wore it with yesterday’s pants… even though they didn’t match at all. He called the outfit his “sewing clothes.” Never grow up, little boy.

Linking up with Make it Wear it.

Vintage Sheet turned Pillow

For years now I’ve been saying I need new pillows in our living room. I’ve been using the ones that came with our couch – you know, the ones that have the exact same fabric as the couch. Brown. Pretty sure that’s reason number sixteen million why my home will not be featured in any decorator’s magazines anytime soon. I actually probably couldn’t even name any decorator’s magazines….

Anyway. I finally made some pillows. I used one of my favorite vintage sheets on one side, some knit fabric on the other.

I used pillow forms that I already had and made an envelope enclosure in the back.

I used a white knit fabric for the back of the pillows – one that’s almost sweatshirt-y, but doesn’t really have much stretch to it. So it holds its shape well and didn’t get super wonky while sewing.

But the beauty of using knit fabric on the back? I left the edges raw, since the fabric won’t fray and no one will even notice [unless you read this and come to my house and inspect my pillows. But please don’t, because someone has probably gotten smoothie on them already…]

Slowly working flowers into my house full of boys… :)