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15 Sewing Projects to Help You Get Organized!

Happy New Year! I love when things start fresh… new years, new seasons, new school years, new notebooks. As we’re starting 2017, I’m doing a huge purge of my house. We moved into our new (old) home last February, and in that time I’m realizing all the stuff that we don’t need – or want – encroaching on our space. I’m also looking for pretty and functional ways to organize the things we do have. So today I’m sharing 15 sewing projects that will help you get organized!15-sewing-projects-to-help-you-get-organized

Floor cushion with hidden storage

This floor cushion was an easy way for us to store stuffed animals and other soft items when we needed to corral them. We’ve simplified the stuffed animals collection, so I think we’ll repurpose this one for blanket storage this year.


Nesting Baskets

I was eyeing up some fabric baskets at the store the other day, when I realized I’d rather have handmade ones! These from Jess at The Sewing Rabbit have a free pattern, so I’m going to use some of these to corral toys and baby blankets.


Puzzle envelopes

I love these puzzle envelopes from my friend Jodi at Sew Fearless, and I think they’d work great for organizing some of our homeschool supplies.


Essential oil travel case

I need to make a few more of these essential oil travel cases, because one just isn’t enough for the oils I want to carry with me out of the house!


Zipper pouch

This is my current favorite type of zipper pouch to make and use. I’m finding them so handy that I need at least two more.


Rolled camp kitchen

I’m not a big fan of junk drawers, but I need a place to put miscellany – items that don’t seem to have a home, but should. I think this rolled camp kitchen from Sabra at Sew a Straight Line would be great for hanging in the closet and collecting those items.


Trading Card carrier

I made this carrier for my boys’ football cards last year, but I think I need to make a similar one to hold playing cards and other little card games. It would make it super easy to grab when I know we’re going to need a distraction at an appointment or when we’re headed away for the weekend.


Fabric Tray

I hate how dresser and table tops are stuff collectors! I want to make a couple of these fabric trays from Anna at Noodlehead for our night stands and other places that seem to collect all.the.things.


Clothespin Bag

This clothespin bag from Melissa at Melly Sews is the perfect solution for housing plastic grocery bags in our basement by the laundry!


Simple tote bag

A lot of our reusable grocery bags have gotten dingy and just need to be tossed. I’m going to sew up a few more of these tote bags to replace them!


Gym bag

New year must mean new health resolutions, right?? Everyone and their mom is heading to the gym. This baby weight isn’t just going to melt away. ;) I love this gym bag from my friend Melissa at Sew Like My Mom!


Bedside pocket organizer

My boys love to take books to bed, and I think this bedside pocket organizer from Sew Can She will help keep them from becoming a giant pile next to their beds!


Wet Bag

I need to make a larger version of this wet bag. I still use this one in my diaper bag (SO handy to have, along with this changing mat!), but my large wet bag has seen better days and needs replacing.


Vinyl Lego Organizer

Any other moms have a love-hate relationship with Legos?? Okay really, we love Legos in our house. They provide my boys with hours of creative play. But organizing them… YIKES. I love this vinyl lego organizer from Emily at Nap-time Creations, and I think it could be a great solution!


Crochet hook case

Okay, so I don’t actually crochet (ha!), but my mom recently taught my oldest how to knit, and my knitting needles aren’t very accessible. I want to make a case like this one from my friend Delia at Delia Creates to put all the needles, so he can get to the ones he needs on his own, without me digging through a bin in the basement!


Here’s to getting organized in 2017! Happy sewing!


Jumping in.

Happy New Year, friends!

It’s been pretty quiet around here – between family celebrations and traveling and winter illnesses, I’ve been laying pretty low. But probably like so many of you, with the new year comes a rejuvenation. A fresh burst of ideas and energy. Recommitment and resolution. In the past, I’ve shared my one word for the year or my list full of hopes.

This year, I’m all about jumping in. Taking a leap and not waiting for the perfect timing or circumstances. Because when is life ever going to perfect? [I’ll tell you, friends… never.] So rather than looking at my lists of somedays and things I want to do, I’m just going to do.

So hopefully you’ll see me taking some sewing chances – trying new things and sharing ideas I’ve been sitting on for awhile, afraid to pull the trigger. I want to be a risky sewer [not risqué…. risky… make sure you read that one correctly!]. I don’t want to be afraid of making – and sharing – mistakes, because I think that calls for even more celebration of our successes.

To start it all out, next week I’m starting an on-going series called Raising Creative Kids. I’ve had this one in my head for awhile, but it never seemed like the “right time” to do it.

 photo cb3c4a77-323c-49ff-9e08-00cb9f8df5ac_zpse497b1d0.jpg

 So here’s to throwing the idea of the “right time” out the window, hey? Thanks for following along with me last year, lovelies. I’m so excited for what 2014 has in store!

Looking Back at 2012

Happy New Year, lovelies!


my Christmas morning boys

I don’t feel like I’ve yet recovered from the holidays yet. We are still in vacation mode at our house, having just returned from Christmas celebrations with our families.


between my prego self and my babies, we spent a lot of time at rest stops during our travels…

Only one of our suitcases is unpacked, and I haven’t started any of the mounds of laundry.

But I have a few projects that I’ll be sharing with you soon, some gifts that I can now share with you. [though I did share a few sneak peeks on Instagram – you can find me there @iftheywouldnap]

2012 was quite the year on the blog. I really love looking back at the things I’ve made and shared here. I love having this space to document my sewing adventures – and being able to share this adventure with you!

Here are some of the posts that all y’all loved this year:

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Silly Mustaches Tutorial

mustaches tutorial

And the oldies but goodies that continue to be reader faves:

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I’m looking forward to what 2013 will bring. Lots of sewing, another BABY (!!), and many undiscovered adventures. Thanks for reading this year, and for sticking around with me in the next.