Scripture Embroidery Hoop [a baby shower gift!]

One of my besties if having her first baby this August. I wanted to give her something special to help decorate the nursery.DSC_0549So I stitched up a little hoop with a Bible verse about how God created her little precious miracle.

DSC_0553I glued some ribbon around the outside of the hoop. She doesn’t know the gender, so I was trying to go neutral… turns out I have a lot of boy fabrics and ribbon. Go figure..

DSC_0554Along with the hoop, I added some flannel burp cloths and a little baby hat. I can’t wait to meet her little one!

What have you been creating lately? Leave a link in the comments, I’d love to see. :)


Ribbon Heart Garland: a Tutorial

Why, hello there, February! So nice to see you, in all your pink loveliness. Yes, this is the month I can decorate my house with glorious shades of pink, and none of the boys in my house can argue with me. So wonderful!

I had some pink glittery ribbon in my house [that was part of a post-Christmas clearance ribbon pack – do people really decorate with pink for Christmas?] and when I saw it, I knew I had to use it to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

So I whipped up some quick and lovely ribbon heart garlands.

I actually like them so much that I want to make them in a more neutral color to use for every day decor.

Want to make some too?

Cut short strips out of a stiffer ribbon [not one that has wires in it, but one that keeps its shape a little as you bend it] – the length can vary, but I found that they looked best when cut between 5-7in. long.

Fold the ribbon in half – it should be folded the opposite way that it goes around the spool [the side of the ribbon that is facing the inside of the spool should be now facing outward].

Sew a tight zig-zag stitch toward the end of the folded end.

It should look like this when you’re done.

Pinch the other end together, so the ribbon now makes a heart shape.

Sew the bottom of the heart together, with another tight zig-zag stitch.

Trim the loose threads, and this is what your ribbon heart will look like.

Make a bajillion of them. Don’t worry about making them all the same size [unless that will drive you crazy!]

Now thread your needle with some embroidery thread, like this. Don’t tie a knot anywhere in your thread. I didn’t cut the length of my thread until I was done and knew how long I wanted it to be.

Thread your embroidery thread from the top of the heart through the bottom.

Continue this until you have as many hearts on the garland as you would like. You can space them out or have them closer together, whichever you think looks best.

Then hang them up and let the pink take over your house!

Displaying the Memories – A Tutorial

I am super sappy and sentimental.  So when I am given a card with a heartfelt message, whether for a special occasion or just because, I can’t get rid of it.  Please tell me I’m not alone in this!  I love to go back and re-read these cards, but that’s tricky [and impractical!] when they’re just packed away in a box somewhere.

So I came up with an easy way to display the cards, so that I can re-read them any time I want.

I started with an empty frame.

The frame I used was from a bulletin board [I had taken the bulletin board out to use it for something else]

I then pounded four nails on each side of the frame.  The frame itself is plastic, but since there was wood inside, I put the nails in like you see above.  Repeat this on the other side of the frame, so that the nails are directly across from each other. [Most people would probably measure, so that their nails are spaced equally and the nails really are directly across… I, of course, am not most people and just eye ball it]

I then cut some pieces of ribbon, slightly longer than the width of the frame.  You want enough extra length to be able to tie the ribbon, which you will trim later.  Cut one length of ribbon for each pair of nails.

Tie the ribbon to the nails and trim any extra ribbon.

[Close up view… just for fun]

Now, hang your cards!  I used some mini-clothes pins that I found at IKEA years ago, plus some cards I just hung right on the ribbon. [And after looking at the photos, I decided to tighten the top ribbon… looks much better now!]

Easiest. Project. Ever.

And P.S. thanks so much for all your congrats and well-wishes for our newest babe.  We’ve been blessed to have lots of help over the last three weeks [seriously… my mom = ah-may-zing], and now we’re trying to figure out our new routine.  I’ve got a lot of projects and new ventures that I’m going to be diving into and sharing with you soon!

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