sewing machines

A New Baby…

Okay, so we are having an actual new baby in a couple months…


But friends, my sewing machine is dying!! It will no longer zig-zag stitch [which is pretty important, if you ask me] and so the button-holer isn’t button-holing either.┬áThe machine I’m currently sewing on will definitely cost more to repair than it’s worth. So I need a new baby!!


Maybe it couldn’t handle sewing through my finger?? [yes, that really happened… the above broken needle is evidence… the other half was in my finger] Thankfully, it’s still [mostly] straight-stitching, so I can still get by with that and my serger for a little bit.


While I would absolutely adore a Bernina or a Pfaff, I wasn’t planning to purchase a new machine anytime soon, so the key word here is affordable. [AKA as cheap as I can get away with, without buying a piece of junk] And then I can save up for a nicer machine in the future.


So, do you have an affordable machine that you love? Recommendations for a workhorse that doesn’t cost much but can handle daily garment sewing? I’m not a quilter [though someday that would be awesome] and I don’t need fancy features. I just need something that will work hard and not have lots of problems.

I’m all ears – give me your best recommendations, please!!