straight lines and angles series

Straight Lines and Angles … wrapping it up!

Did you miss any of the geometric inspired projects from the past two weeks? Straight Lines and Angles The amazing bloggers that joined me for this series gave us incredible polygonal eye candy. :) I love love LOVED everything about this series! It was so fun, and now my brain is seeing shapes and lines and angles everywhere… I might be doing lots more geometric inspired sewing!straight lines and angles wrap-up 2

 Lexi Made // Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy If Only They Would Nap // Caila Made // Alida Makes Simple Simon & Co // Sew Fearless

straight lines and angles wrap-up 1

Sew a Straight Line // Shwin & Shwin Elegance & Elephants // If Only They Would Nap

straight lines and angles wrap-up 3Crafterhours // Max California Sew Like My Mom // Kitschy Coo // Welcome to the Mouse House RaeGun Ramblings // You & Mie

Thank you, friends, for joining in the fun! And thank you to my amazing giveaway sponsors:


Make sure you check out Imagine Gnats, See Kate Sew, Very Shannon, and Sew Like My Mom‘s shops! Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway — the winners have all been emailed, and I am waiting to hear from them (so check your email, just in case you are Rachel, Joyce, Alissa, or Nancy!)

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Straight Lines and Angles Day 10 – Sew a Straight Line and Caila Made

The past two weeks have been outstanding! The Straight Lines and Angles series has been so amazing – the bloggers that have been sharing their geometric inspired projects have really brought it. I’m so thankful to each of them for being a part of this! We’re wrapping it up this week with two more fabulous bloggers!

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line is the Queen of Jeans. Which you will understand when you check out the jeans-sewing month she has been co-hosting. I love her girl sewing, but you know that I love that she has three boys she sews for. Her winter wonderland looks are some of my favorites. Head over to her blog to see the awesome pants she made for her son.

eXtreme Parsley Pants outdoor sew a straight line-10

Caila of Caila Made has a fresh style that I think really screams Californian… probably because she lives there. (And I’m totally jealous of her weather! :) She makes everything from clutches to adorable dresses. And you need to check out this fab boy’s shirt tutorial. Now pop on over to her blog to see this lovely hexie clip!

DSC05849 (1)


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Straight Lines and Angles Day 9 – Max California and Sew Like My Mom

Today is the last day of voting for my Project Run and Play “sharp as a shark” look! If you haven’t voted, would you take a second and vote for me here?

I can’t tell you how rad today’s guests are. If you don’t know Max California, well you need to. She has crazy awesome style, and I love how fun her clothes are! Plus, she’s a Project Run and Play winner, so I obviously need to take notes. I absolutely LOVE the look she came up with for her daughter. Head over to her blog and check it out.


Melissa at Sew Like My Mom and I live practically the same life… she has four kids that are almost the same ages as mine. So basically she understands my crazy. But she does it all while being an amazing pattern designer. She sews the cutest garments for her daughters and her son. Plus, she’s hilarious. Check out the aDORable dress she made over on her blog.

IMG_2574 copy
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Straight Lines and Angles Day 8 – Kitschy Coo and RaeGun Ramblings

Thank you so much to everyone who had so many kind things to say about my Project Run and Play look yesterday! And to everyone who voted! It means so much to me. And it’s not too late if you haven’t voted yet :) Go here to vote for my shark look!

Our first guest for Straight Lines and Angles today is pretty much is the wonder woman of knit sewing. (If you didn’t click on that link, you need to. Seriously. Do it.) Amanda from Kitschy Coo is an outstanding pattern designer and sells some of the coolest knit prints you’ve ever seen. And when you head over to her blog to see the dress she made for her daughter, you’ll see the crazy talent I’m talking about here!

SLAA Kitschy Coo


The next guest today is Marissa of Raegun Ramblings, who is a new mama to a ridiculously adorable baby boy! She sews fabulous outfits for her nieces (and now her little man too!), sells the coolest baby clothes and costumes and things in her shop, and is the go-to source for new reading material! I just love the sweet outfit she made for her son – head over to her blog to check it out (because, BABY CHEEKS!)

lines teddy s

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Straight Lines and Angles day 6 – You and Mie and Welcome to the Mouse House

Happy Monday, friends! Are you ready for more lines and angles? I just love this geometric trend so much! Today’s guests have two super fun looks to share.

Cherie from You & Mie is someone whose aesthetic I can recognize as soon as I see a picture. She is a wonder with knits and whether she is working in prints or solids, I always love her color palettes and fabric choices. I also adore her Japanese sewing book series! Head over to her blog and see this super lovely skirt she made for her daughter.

Angles Colorblock Skirt

Haley from Welcome to the Mouse House is kind of a jack of all trades. She designs and sells fabulous patterns for women and girls, she clearly got the decorating gene, and she sews adorable dresses (this one is one of my faves). You will love the FUN look she created for her daughter!

wonder woman 1.jpg

The giveaway
 is still open this week, so if you haven’t entered, there’s still time!


Straight Lines and Angles Day 4 – Simple Simon and Elegance and Elephants

Well we are cruising right along with the amazingness that these bloggers are bringing for this geometric inspired Straight Lines and Angles series! And today’s guests are no exception.

Heidi from Elegance & Elephants has a sweet, classic style and makes impeccable clothing for her kiddos. She hosts one of my favorite series, Knock it Off, and has a growing pattern shop (affiliate link — and the fedora pattern? amazing.). I’m pretty much always in love with everything Heidi sews. Today she has a fantastic dress to share, so make sure you head over to her blog and see it.


The ladies at Simple Simon & Co. are, well, pretty much rockstars. They have their own blog, plus they run Project Run and Play (where, you know, I am competing next week!!) and they also run Project Sewn. And they sew gorgeous skirts, dresses, quilts… basically, you name it, they sew it. And today liZ is sharing three skirts that she sewed with this super clever embroidery technique. Head over to Simple Simon to see!

Lines and Angles skirt

And the giveaway is still going on if you haven’t entered yet!


Straight Lines and Angles day 3 – Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts

Today we have more geometric kid-fashion for you!

If you’ve been a reader here for awhile, you’re probably familiar with my friend Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts.  She’s a fellow boy mama (check out her mega list of boy patterns), a super talented pattern designer, and she has co-hosted the Handmade Gifts for Boys series with me the past two years. I also just love that since Stacey has been living in Europe until recently, she has some fantastic European inspiration integrated into her style!


Head over to see this rad outfit she created for her son!

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Straight Lines and Angles – Day 2: Lexi Made and a super easy envelope pillow tutorial

Day two of Straight Lines and Angles means more geometric sewing fun!

Today I’m excited to have Lexi of Lexi Made as part of this series. Lexi is a new blogging friend of mine who is super talented, in both her sewing and photography. I love these ankle zips she made for her daughter’s skinny jeans and hello, these four dresses for herself? So fantastic! Head over to her blog and see the adorable dress she made for her daughter!


I recently came across some fabric that as soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to be in my hands. I know you’ve been there, right? :) I decided to make some really easy pillow covers with this super fab geometric print, but these covers have a cozy twist.

super easy DIY envelope pillow cover  if only they would nap

It’s backed with sweatshirt fleece!



  • one square/rectangle of main fabric – the size will depend on the size of your pillow form
  • sweatshirt fleece fabric – you will need a little bit more than your other fabric, but again, the amount will depend on your pillow form
  • sewing machine/serger/sewing notions/etc.

DSC_03641. Cut your fabric square to fit your pillow form, remember to account for seam allowance. Then cut two pieces of sweatshirt fleece – they should be a little more than half the size of your main fabric. (I ended up cutting my fleece a little smaller than in the picture, as you can see in a later step)


2. Press one of the long sides of the sweatshirt fleece over about 1/3in. and sew a straight stitch. Repeat this with the other piece of sweatshirt fleece. This step isn’t actually necessary with sweatshirt fleece, since it doesn’t fray, it just makes a more “finished” look for your pillow. I made this pillow using the same method and didn’t do this step. I’m pretty sure no one notices but me ;)


4. Lay one of the fleece pieces on top of the main fabric – right sides together like this.


5. Lay the other piece right side down, with the stitched seam on the opposite side.


At this point, I decided that my sweatshirt fleece pieces were too long, and I wanted the seams closer together. I moved them like you see in the above picture and just cut off the extra fabric on the ends.


6. Pin your fabric in place and sew all around. If you don’t use a serger, make sure you finish your edges if you use a woven fabric for your main fabric, because that will fray.


Then turn it right side out and enjoy your new cozy pillow!

I can’t decide… living room?


Or bedroom?


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Straight Lines and Angles Day 1 – Alida Makes and Shwin and Shwin

Today is the first day of the Straight Lines and Angles series! For the next two weeks, bloggers will be sharing their sewing projects, inspired by anything geometric [lines, shapes, etc.] I’m so super excited to share my first two guests, both of whom I am HUGE fans of.

Straight Lines and Angles

Shauna of Shwin & Shwin is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Okay, so we’ve never met in person, but we’ve been bloggy friends for awhile, and she is so kind and genuine. And she’s got some mad sewing and designing skills! She’s part of the Pattern Anthology team, plus she has an outstanding collection of patterns in her shop, Shwin Designs [my favorite are the Nowhere Man Pants, in case you’re wondering]. Head on over to see the amazing dress she created!


Alida of Alida Makes is like my fashion icon. She rocked it recently in Project Sewn [these pants she made? ahMAYzing], and she was part of the recent STYLO online kids’ fashion magazine. You’re going to love what she made for her daughter, so pop over and check out her outfit!


Here are the giveaway details!!


These four amazing designers and blogging friends have so graciously donated prizes for this series. There are four prizes, which means there will be four winners.

One winner will receive a $30 gift certificate from the Imagine Gnats shop. She sells gorgeous fabric and some really incredible PDF patterns – for women and kids. So whoever wins this will definitely find something wonderful!

One winner will receive a copy of the Triangle Pants pattern from See Kate Sew. When Kate released this pattern, I thought it would fit perfectly with this series, and was so excited when she agreed to be a part of the giveaway. I just love Kate’s patterns, and the design of the Triangle Pants is so unique!

One winner will get to choose between a copy of the Sally Dress or the Sweetheart Dress from Very Shannon. I’ve sewn the Sally Dress before (you can see it here) and it creates a wonderful garment. But you can’t go wrong with either one. :)

One winner will get to choose a PDF pattern from the Sew Like My Mom shop. She has some adorable patterns – for boys and girls. I have her Kudzu overalls pattern and am dying to get a chance to sew it up!

The giveaway will be open through the entire two weeks of the series, and then the winners will be randomly chosen.

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We have more geometric inspired sewing coming tomorrow!

Straight Lines and Angles Bloggers

Straight Lines and Angles – a geometric sewing series!

Well, I know I said I would share my exciting news with you yesterday, but life with four kids can be a little… unpredictable. ;) But it was worth waiting even another day, because starting next week I’m hosting a series that I’m super excited about!

Straight Lines and Angles

This series is called Straight Lines and Angles and is all about sewing inspired by the geometric trend. I asked a bunch of bloggers [that are ah-MAY-zing] to join up and share something inspired by shapes, lines, etc. I’m can’t even tell you how geeked out I am that so many of them said yes!

So for two weeks, from March 17th – 28th, I’ll be blasting you with some fabulous inspiration. Prepare yourself, friends. Maybe make a geometric pinterest board. Oh hey, I already did!

Take a look at who’s coming over to play….

Straight Lines and Angles Bloggers
I know, right??! So good.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there will be a giveaway! I’ll share the details later, but here’s a little teaser…


Yay!! It’s going to be so fun! :) Happy sewing, friends!