Boys Will Be Boys: Cloth Light Saber Tutorial

It’s another day of our gift series, Boys Will Be Boys, so Handmake Their Toys!


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Today’s tutorial is sure to win over the hearts of any boy who has a love for Star Wars. Or turning things into a weapon.

And for you, the lovely handmade gift maker? An easy sew, but one that your littles will love. And one that won’t actually hurt when they fight with each other. [not that my littles ever do that… *ahem*]

light sabers tutorial


  • Fabric with little to no stretch
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Poly-fil
  • Needle


1. Cut rectangle on the fold, approximately 18in x 2.5in (when folded).


2. Cut a second rectangle on the fold, approximately 7in. x 2.5in. (when folded)


3. Unfold and zig-zag the short end of the two pieces of fabric, right sides together.

sewing body of light saber

4. Fold the fabric again and zig-zag along the top edge and the open side.


5. Turn right-side out and stuff with poly-fil. You want it to be pretty well-stuffed, so that the light saber will actually hold up and not flop over. [that’s also why it’s best to use a fabric with little stretch – it will be much better for light saber fights]


6. Hand-sew the bottom of the light saber closed.


And now your boys have some safe, fun light sabers… that took you almost no time to create!

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An Exciting Announcement – A Christmas Gift Series for BOYS!

I am so incredibly excited to announce a super fun series that will be happening right on this very blog in just a couple of weeks.

Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy [another fellow boy-mom of three!] and I are teaming up to bring you …

We will be bringing you tutorials, giveaways, and roundups with handmade gift goodness, all boy related! I can’t wait to share with you all that we have planned! There will be posts each day here on If Only They Would Nap, plus over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy. So if you don’t already, make sure you follow Stacey’s blog too. That way, you won’t miss a single post.

So, mark your calendars for Monday, December 3rd, where our week of little boy handmade gift fun begins! Because the blog-world needs more boy-related tutorials and projects, don’t you think? [Yes… the answer is yes.]

And did you see we’re having giveaways? Oh yes, we are giving away fabric, patterns, and toys. You won’t want to miss these.

In the meantime, check out our Pinterest board of Boy Gift Ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Stacey and I are both pinning tutorials and ideas that we find that you could make for the little boys in your life.

I can’t wait!

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