Adelaide Top

I’ve kind of switched gears a little bit in my sewing and have been sewing a lot more for myself. And it is so fabulous! I had the super honor of being an early tester for one of See Kate Sew‘s new pattern – Adelaide. Friends, I’m in looooove.
The Adelaide TopThis pattern is oh so lovely. It is a really fast sew, and like every one of Kate’s patterns, it’s incredibly well put together.

adelaide3This yoke detail is so fantastic. The pattern comes with a ruffle piece for the yoke, or you can use a pre-made trim like I did. I used a vintage eyelet trim and these fabulous vintage yellow buttons. The fabric is also vintage – a linen that I found at a thrift store awhile back. I basically love everything about this top.

adelaide2The darts on this early test version are a little high, and they’ve been adjusted in the final pattern.

adeladie4I hand sewed the hem with a blind stitch … and my six-year-old photographer got this excellent shot of it. ;) I am seriously addicted to sewing for myself now. And between this one and the rest of Kate’s new Garden Party line, I could be busy for awhile.

adelaideYou will adore this pattern as much as I do. The sleeves, the yoke… sigh. Perfection.


Fabric + Vintage Trimmings! [oh yeah, another giveaway!]

I hope you’ve checked out the fabulous 24 yards of fabric that we’re giving away here. Part of me wishes I wasn’t involved so I could win all that loveliness. ;)

Giving away fabric makes me giddy. So much so that I couldn’t stop.

So I’ve got MORE lovelies to give away today, from my personal stash!DSC_0082One and a half yards of this super fun laser cut blue knit fabric and these vintage goodies!
DSC_0081Chevron detail!
DSC_0083Plus some vintage lace trim and vintage blue buttons.

Want to win? Just leave a comment telling me what you’d make. If you want another entry, follow me on facebook or twitter or pinterest. Then leave a comment telling me that you do [one comment for each] and you’ll get an even better chance to win!

Good luck! And don’t forget about all the fabric you could win here too…

Giveaway is open to everyone and closes May 10 at 5 p.m. PST

Flowery Tunic and Polka Dot Bows

Yes, I’m still continuing with my posts of my handmade Christmas gifts! I never want to ruin the surprise by blogging them ahead of time.


My sweet niece Hazel [how cute is she?!] is just two months older than my youngest. This works out well for outfit sewing, since I had a pretty good idea of her size.


I made her a tunic out of this super lovely crushed floral knit from [which they don’t seem to have currently, which is a bummer, because it is SO lovely]


I added a little placket in the front with some ivory knit and some sweet lace that has a vintage-y feel.


The bias tape and the adorable little flower button are both vintage. Which makes the top much more special in my eyes. Plus, I know her mama loves vintage, so I thought that would be fun for her. :)


The pants are simple flat-front cords, made specially for that cloth diaper booty.


I added simple polka dot bows to the bottom of the pants, to give them a girly flair. But they are just tacked on, since Hazel will have a baby brother in March, and I wanted her to be able to hand these pants down to him.


Sewing for girls is pretty fun. :)

Vintage Sheet turned Pillow

For years now I’ve been saying I need new pillows in our living room. I’ve been using the ones that came with our couch – you know, the ones that have the exact same fabric as the couch. Brown. Pretty sure that’s reason number sixteen million why my home will not be featured in any decorator’s magazines anytime soon. I actually probably couldn’t even name any decorator’s magazines….

Anyway. I finally made some pillows. I used one of my favorite vintage sheets on one side, some knit fabric on the other.

I used pillow forms that I already had and made an envelope enclosure in the back.

I used a white knit fabric for the back of the pillows – one that’s almost sweatshirt-y, but doesn’t really have much stretch to it. So it holds its shape well and didn’t get super wonky while sewing.

But the beauty of using knit fabric on the back? I left the edges raw, since the fabric won’t fray and no one will even notice [unless you read this and come to my house and inspect my pillows. But please don’t, because someone has probably gotten smoothie on them already…]

Slowly working flowers into my house full of boys… :)

Thrifted Vintage Sheets [and endless possibilities!]

I am a thrifter. Truth be told, I like thrifting much better than shopping at a “regular” store. I love a good deal, and I l.o.v.e. to create new life from something discarded.

These vintage lovelies are my most recent finds. That blue one? Totally in love.

That bottom one is actually a bunch of fabric panels… I don’t know if it’s truly vintage, but it has a vintage vibe.

The top two were purchased from an estate sale, and that top one is actually a set of hand-sewn curtains.

Do you thrift? [my sister-in-law wrote the most fabulous blog post about how to thrift, if you need some help] What would you make with these?

Pillows!! {and a Giveaway!}

I have been making pillows like crazy.  Something about the weather, I think.  Nothing like the cold of a Wisconsin fall to make me want to cozy up on the couch with a felted wool pillow.

vintage sheet + felted wool = love on a pillow
{find this one in my etsy shop!}

i love birds. and grey. and pillows… seriously.
{this one’s in the shop too!}

stripes and owls? can’t go wrong, if you ask me.
{yes, this is listed in my shop also!}

But wait… here’s one that’s not in my shop.  It’s ready to ship for the winner of this super awesome giveaway!

My lovely friend Courtney from Simple City Life is taking part in a HUGE giveaway blog hop called 12 Days of Gifts Galore.  She’s giving away this amazing package of handmade goodies, including this very pillow! [And she’s linked up with all the other blogs that are giving away amazing things as well… seriously, you need to go take a look!]

So, make sure you head over to enter the giveaway soon! [it ends December 6th]

**And just for fun, here’s a code for free shipping in my shop – good through tomorrow!**


Thrifting Excitement!

I absolutely adore thrift stores.  I mean seriously, cheap clothes, home decor, fabric… what’s not to love about that?

Usually I go in with an eye for repurposing, but on my recent visit, I found a book that nearly had me squealing with delight in the aisle.

I almost passed it by, but I’m so glad I didn’t.  This little gem is 30 years old [is that considered vintage? If so, then so am I…] and is filled with patterns and instructions for all things baby.

This jumpsuit makes me desperately want to learn to knit something other than a scarf.

I don’t crochet, but I need to after seeing this picture.

Oh the loveliness of this coat!

This romper has a zipper in the front.  Oh how much I love it.


Must. make. these.

My boys need this.

There are so many delightful patterns in this book, and I can’t wait to try them out! [Insert excited squeal here!]

Have you found any exciting thrift store finds lately?  Please share!